Rebel 4x4 snorkel

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Rebel 4x4 snorkel

Post by Stu2985 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:27 pm

2.5 Na snorkel. Bought for 2.5 petrol defender because they use the same air box.

Basically a copy of the mantec one but cheaper (around £120). My 90 doesnt have side vents on the wings (well it does where I had to repplace one but it has no gubbins behind it and heater is very close.

Quality seems ok and cyclone at the top is metal not plastic. No instrucions but then neither does the mantec one come with any. Hoses are good quality and heavy duty not flimsy air hose.

Only gripes is the silicone sealant that came with it in a small tube had gone off and they forgot to included the finishing rubber strip that goes around the hole in the top of the wing (not that it matters as i bought a southdown wing molding to cover up the hole anyway)

Lot of people complain about communications from them although I had no problems when I rang them up to discuss missing bits (they are posting me out some no extra cost). Some days are better than others

I must be honest the prices are cheap and the kits not too bad. They are not my preffered supplier however they just seem to have what i am after and for its what i want to pay.

They usually come to the landy shows and always seem to pitch up near the main areanas. Not the most communicative bunch of traders but then they seem to shift the gear.

A bit like imodium - does the job but you wish you didnt have to bother in the first place

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Re: Rebel 4x4 snorkel

Post by maadmaan10 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:13 pm

"A bit like imodium - does the job but you wish you didnt have to bother in the first place"

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